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T H E M A R K E T at Sweet Pea Farms

Posted on January 23, 2016 by danielle marinelli | 0 Comments

Our family shares two passions
One is F O O D
The other D E S I G N
We believe the two should go hand in hand and that
"Beautiful food deserves a beautiful plate"
T H I S  I S  O U R  P A S S I O N
'The Market' is a collection of goods from people, like us, who are also doing in life what they are passionate about.  It's  a collection of timeless, asthetically pleasing, kitchenwares and small batch foods we've come to find over time.  It brings us pleasure to be able to showcase and support them.
H E R E  I S  O U R  S T O R Y
We are the Marinelli Family
Two businesses, one family and many chapters.
Here is a glimpse of the first few chapters in our blessed life.  The rest is yet to come.
For the love of F O O D
In 2008 we established 'Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream' in Newtown Pennsylvania.  It was important to us that we create a small batch ice cream made from fresh 14% buttermilk, fresh fruits and premium ingredients.  We knew the importance of creating our own ice cream by hand and that people appreciate and recognize good food! And the community did.  With the success of our first location, we decided to open a second retail location in Doylestown Pennsylvania.  Once again, the community welcomed Sweet Pea with opened arms. 
It was my husband, Vince that saw the need within the community for a new and improved ice cream truck.  He had in mind something that was eco-friendly. A truck that could house our homemade ice cream, where we could scoop it out fresh to the people in our community.  In 2012 The Original 'Sweet Pea' Eco Friendly Ice Cream Truck was born.
For the passion of D E S I  G N
For anyone who knows this family, they know how passionate we are not just about food, but also how that food is presented.  It IS mainly about the presentation.
Beautiful food deserves a beautiful plate. 
It was through years of searching for beautiful kitchenwares for my own food creations, that I decided to open an online shop of those items.  I wanted to share with people those fabulous, unique wares that you couldn't find anywhere else. My focus was to support talented artisians both near and far.
In 2012 'White Nest Market' was created.  It is a collection with a palate that focuses on natural textures and tones.  Natural wood, metal + linens.  Timeless pieces that could be passed down from generation to generation. 
T H E  C O L L A B O R A T I O N
{...and current chapter}
Why not combine our two passions?
'T H E  M A R K E T' (short for White Nest Market) at 'S W E E T  P E A  F A R M S'
The Farm is our production facility for our homemade ice cream.  It is surrounded by our unique collection of kitchenwares and is home to a few goats and sheep as well.  Here you are able to stroll though our market, enjoy a Farm Plate of honey + cheese, cut your own flowers for your market tote or roast marshmallows in our fire pit under the tee pee.
If your enjoy your visit, you could even plan a venue here of your own.
We hope we've created something at The Farm that families will continue to enjoy for many years to come.
-The Marinelli Family
Vince, Danielle, Jake, Olivia + Nicholas

T H E M A R K E T I S O P E N !

White Nest Market Catering

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