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About Us

"instead of life being about what you HAVE to do,

...why can't it be about what you WANT to do?"

-our  daughter

I share the same feelings as my daughter and believe in following your dreams and doing in life what you are passionate about.

This is my passion.

Spending countless hours looking for beautiful things I would want to be surrounded by in life .

SWEET PEA FARMS is a collection of those simply beautiful items I've found over time.  Each product I've chosen to share with you has a purpose for being here. Many of these are hand crafted items from people who are also doing in life what they are passionate about.  When I began the research for products it was important for me to support those individuals and companies that had a "good story".  Through that search I've found many talented artisans and inspiring companies who's products I would want to surround my life with.

It brings me pleasure to be able to showcase and support them. 

Thanks for visiting!